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A chaplaincy ministry is the invitation to pastor a group of people outside church walls. Like Jesus’ ministry in houses and streets and hillsides, you will be shoulder to shoulder with people in the moments they need His hope and truth.

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From disaster chaplaincy, prison ministry and many other areas of chaplaincy work, Chaplain Pete has seen and done so much, in our community and across the globe. Chaplain Pete served as a missionary for over 28 years in Affrica and has recently become part of the Billy Graham Chaplaincy Corps. Chaplain Pete also leads a bible study at the Waupaca County Jail each Friday evening.

Chaplaincy is not offered as a direct program of Foundations for Living and Foundations for Living does not oversee the chaplaincy ministires we endorse. They (each chaplain) are overseen by the direct governing bodies that oversee the individual chaplains themselves. If you have any questions please call 715-942-2725 and chose option 4 to speak with Michael. Foundations for Living is not liable for or to any chaplaincy ministires endorsed by Foundations for Living.