Our Beliefs

  • We believe that every person is called to REPENT of sin and be transformed by the power of God.
  • We believe that lost people matter to God and should matter to us. 
  • We believe that anointed teaching and preaching of the SCRIPTURES is a catalyst for transformation in people's lives.
  • We believe that full DEVOTION to Christ ought to be the focus and goal of every believer.
  • We believe that the church should be RELEVANT to our society.
  • We believe in LOVING RELATIONSHIPS where believers care for one another and help one another grow.
  • We believe that our praise and WORSHIP glorify God and that it reaches God's heart with joy.
  • We believe that every believer is given SPIRITUAL GIFTS that are to be discovered, developed, and used for the benefit of the whole church.
  • We believe that Christ has set for us the example of love and SERVICE to others.