Recovery coach registration

March 30th-Apr 2nd

CCAR is a nationally recognized Recovery Coach Academy©, the leading training program for Recovery Coaches worldwide.   Our programs focus on the Art and Science of Recovery Coaching and are based on the fundamentals of coaching excellence.  Come learn what it takes to serve others as a Recovery Coach by attending this trainging at Foundations for Living March 30th through April 2nd 

This 4 day trainging is with an authorized facilitator that will model what we want to see in recovery coaches – the ability to treat people as resources by actively listening and asking good questions, all while discovering and managing their own stuff.  It may sound simple, but being able to achieve this goal takes considerable skill.  We like to think of it as the Art and Science of Recovery Coaching!   Our trainings cover both.  Not only do you walk away with the skills, but our programs provide an opportunity to practice and develop your own art!

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