What is a Church Plant?

In short, a church plant is simply a new church that is just getting started. Like any plant found in nature, a church plant starts small; but with proper care and with God’s grace will grow into something vibrant and beautiful. If you come visit us, you will see that we do things much like an established church, with an emphasis on sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with a new community.

We believe that every community deserves a healthy, Spirit-empowered church. Not just any church, but a place of worship that has been adapted to the needs of the community and is led by someone who is passionate about the people who live there.

One size doesn’t fit all. We believe that God works through a variety of church models. Whether you live in the city, the suburb, or the country, He still wants to work in your community. The Refinery is a parent affiliated church of Waupaca First Assembly



A Parent-Affiliated Church is an extension of an existing General Council Affiliated Church or duly authorized District Council Affiliated Church resulting in a worshiping community distinct from the Parent Church. A PAC is subject to the ecclesial supervision and authority of the Parent Church, in such a manner, and upon such terms and conditions as are determined by the Parent Church.